Insurance Information:

Please review the details of your specific policy before signing up for classes and contact your insurance provider with any policy related questions. Any member registering with insurance will be responsible for all non covered classes.  

Fidelis Fitness Reimbursment- Members may be reimbursed for attending fitness classes during each 6 month period. Please see the Fidelis website for more information Fidelis Fitness Reimbursement 

Independent Health Flex-Fit, Healthy Benefits and Personal Best: Eligible participants will receive a pre-paid MasterCard from Independent Health that may be used to pay for our fitness classes. Please call Independent Health to see if you qualify for this benefit. Visit their website for more information on Independent Health Health Extras and Rewards  *As of July 2016 some plans have discontinued this benefit , please check with your insurance provider directly to see if you are still eligible

Univera Fit DollarsMembers may be reimbursed for attending fitness classes during each year. Call Member Services for program details. Univera Exercise rewards FAQ

BlueCross BlueShield Wellness Card: BlueCross Wellness Cardsare pre-paid debit cards that may be used in any amount toward classes. For more information see the BlueCross Wellness Card website 

BlueCross BlueShield of WNY Wellness Benefit: Please note this benefit is open to BCBS  of Western New York ONLY!  Out of state plans do not qualify. Members  who have the Wellness Benefit receive 20 free classes / year.   Wellness Program Website

Important Information for Blue Cross Wellness Benefit Members 
To see if you qualify or to register with your BCBS benefit, you must call  Bridget at 741-9053. Have your most current insurance card available when you call. If the class is part of a Community Ed program you still must register directly with Sheila's Fitness Jam in order to use your BCBS Wellness Benefit.

At your first class, you will receive BCBS paperwork.  You will receive a 
BlueCross Responsibility form: This states that you are responsible for paying the full cost of the class should your claim be denied for any reason (this includes but is not limited to missed classes, change or loss of insurance, over limit, lapse in coverage etc.). This is mandatory to participate. 

BlueCross Signature Sheet: In addition to the regular sign in page you will receive a separate BlueCross Signature Sheet. Each time you come to class, you will need to initial and date this sheet. Blue Cross uses this to verify your presence at the class. Please follow directions on the sheet carefully.

Attendance Requirements to use BlueCross Wellness Benefit: You must attend or make up ALL classes you have registered for. 

If you sign up for 1 class/ week, we expect to be able to bill BCBS for those 10 classes.  If you do not attend 10 classes, we can not bill BCBS and you will be required to pay for ALL classes not covered by your insurance.

You may make up any class you have missed. Makeups may even be done ahead of time if you have a planned absence. All makeups must be completed within the same session. You may attend any type of class at any location for a makeup. 

As the insurance holder, it is your responsibility to keep track of the number of classes you have taken during the policy year.  If you are using your BCBS with another program, please be mindful that we don't know how many classes you've taken with another fitness program.  You only get 20 classes / year total, regardless of which company's classes you attend.  We appreciate your cooperation with this! 

*Renewal date: the date each year your benefits renew. If your effective date is 7/1/2018 then your insurance renews each July. That means, every July 1, you are eligible for 20 fitness to be used by June 30 the following calendar year, or throughout the policy year. If you do not use your 20 classes during your policy year, you lose them.  If you use all 20 classes during any one session of Sheila's Fitness Jam, we provide you with an Unlimited class pass for that session.