Q May I try a class?
A You may try a class for $10 -- if you join that day, it applies to cost of any pass or fee for that class

Q Will my health insurance pay for my classes?
A It depends on the type of coverage you have.  Call 633-1833 with you info and we will check to see if you have wellness benefits that have Sheila's Fitness Jam as a service provider. Check Insurance info tab for more details 

QMay I use my class pass for any fitness class.
A No.  The class passes are only used for Sheila's Aerobic Jazz and Muscle Flex Classes. The Zumba and Pilates classes are separate programs with their own fee.  See "Class Prices" page 

Q If I don't use all my classes on my class pass, will I be able to use it for the next session?
A Passes are good only for the session they are purchased. Pick up a Saturday class or try a new class. 

Q Is it too late to register?
A It's NEVER too late to register.  Just give us a call at 633-1833 and we can let you know if the class is available.  Check the "Locations" page for any updates regarding classes.

Q Will my health insurance cover the cost of classes?
A Give us a call and we will check it out for you.

Q If classes have already started and I haven't registered yet, can I bring my payment to class?
A Absolutely! We'll be glad to take your registration at class, but please call to make surethe class isn't full.You are also welcome to try a class. The price to try us out is $10 and if you join that day, we'll apply to the cost of your class pass.     

Q I'm not a dancer, can I do Sheila's Fitness Jam?

AOf course you can!  The routines are simple to follow, yet  challenging. There is a dancer in all of us, and we will bring it out in you! Plus...Don't forget we have Flex, Pilates and Yoga....Kumbaya my love.

Q How long is each class?
A Each class is one hour long except for the Muscle Flex which is 30 minutes. We have a "Combo" class for BC/BS participants that is 1 1/2 hours long and includes Flex and Sheila's Aerobic Jazz. 

Q Am I too old to take this class?
A We have students of every age, shape and size. Sheila is probably older than you!  

Q What should I wear?
A Anything that you feel comfortable wearing and can move easily in.  We do recommend a good cross-trainer or aerobic shoe. 

Q What should I bring to the class ?
A We recommend that you bring a water bottle, 1# - 2# hand held  weights (not necessary for the first few weeks) and a mat or a towel to sit on for the floor routine.  

Q Can my teenage daughter take the class with me?
A Sign her up!  She can probably help you out with some of the moves!

Q Is there childcare?  If so, how much does it cost?
A At this time there is no childcare

Q Can my older child sit and watch?
A Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate children sitting in the work-out rooms to watch. Our facilities and insurance do not allow it.

Q Will there be another Sheila's Fitness Jam session after this one?
A Yes!  We offer 10 week sessions in the fall, winter, spring and summer. Fall Session Starts 9/12/16