A Little Jazz, A Little Funk, A Little Hip-Hop, A LOT OF FUN!!

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​​Classes offered by Sheila's FitnessJAM

SHEILA'S AEROBIC JAZZ (SAJ ) Get a dancer’s body. Aerobic Jazz will beautifully tone your muscles, improve flexibility and bone density, increase strength and your metabolism. Dance your way to fitness with this program that's uses GREAT music and has easy to follow, choreographed  routines. The use of light weights, cool down, stretch and abdominal work make this THE total body workout. Class meets 2X / week..  Please bring water bottle, mat, and 1# or 2# weights

MUSCLE FLEX (FLEX) THE BEST 30 MINUTE WORKOUT- It's QUICK... It WORKS! Challenge every muscle group in JUST 30 MINUTES! Strength training is an essential part of any balanced workout.  This choreographed half hour class targets every muscle group while taking the drudgery out of weight training. This fun, group, strength training class, will beautifully tone your muscles, increase strength, improve bone density and increase your metabolism.  As we age, our metabolism slows down, making it extremely difficult to lose weight and keep it off. Our Muscle Flex program is just the answer to address the need for strength training as   part  of your exercise regime.  The best part is, it's a blast, AND it WORKS!!  Weights are  provided. There are limited numbers at each  location, so register early. 

20/20/20 FitnessJAM -20 minutes of Sheila's Aerobic Jazz...20 minutes of Muscle Flex weight training and 20 minutes of Stretching and Floor Work.  Experience all the great aspects of a balanced workout.  Your heart will be pumpin' and your muscles will be getting stronger and more flexible.  Please bring  two, 2 - 5# weights.   

Sheila’s Fitness Jam Combo Class(Combo) For BC/BS members only Combine our 1 1/2 hour SAJ/FLEX This class targets every muscle group and two major aspects of fitness: Strength Training and Cardio Vascular Fitness.  We combo the FLEX and SAJ to give you 1 1/2 hours of weight bearing, strength training, & cardio exercise,  that will guarantee you reach your goals.  Easy to follow and we provide body bars.. We recommend that participants bring 1# - 2# wts and a water bottle. 

​FIT KIDZ BOOTCAMP ABCs   - After school fitness program.
Empower your children to embrace exercise while having fun and learning the ABC”s of Fitness....
Agility, Balance, Coordination and Strength
Fit Kidz BootCamp ABC’S classes will include the fundamentals of fitness as well as the following components:
Introduction to the basics of fitness & nutrition
Warm Up & Stretch
Games & activities
Cardio, endurance, strength  & motor skills development
Drills & fitness games
 Kidz Bootcamp ABC's is an after school fitness program.  Find out if your child's school offers it!   If not give us a call.  If you would like to TEACH, give us acall at  221-9058

Classes May Be Free Or Discounted With: BlueCross/BlueShield of WNY Independent Health Flex Fit Univera Active Anytime Rewards    MUST CALL 741-9053 TO SEE IF YOU QUALIFY BEFORE YOU REGISTER!