1983         Certification from The Cooper Institute of Aerobic Research in Dallas Texas (IAR)
1986         Gold Certification from the International Dance Exercise Association (IDEA)  now (ACE)
1976-96    Dance training at David De Marie Dance Studio - theatrical tap & jazz
​1996         CertifiedAAU Aerobic Competition Judge
1998-now Certified Health and Fitness Instructor American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
1999         CertifiedBody PumpInstructor
2004         STOTT PILATESReformer Certification Course andMATPILATESWorkshop
2004         STOTT ANATOMYWorkshop
2004         AFAAMat Science Workshop
2005         STOTT MAT PILATESIntermediate Workshop
2005       STOTT MAT PILATESFoam Roller Workshop
Certified Transitions Lifestyle (TLS) Coach

2008-nownutraMetrix Consultant 
2009         ZUMBA GOLD®Licensed Instructor 
2009         ZUMBATOMIC®Licensed Instructor
2009         ZUMBA BASIC 2®Licensed Instructor
2012         AAAI/ISMACertified Fitness Instructor

1996  RECIPIENT OF THE "TOAST OF BUFFALO" AWARD The YMCA annually awards individuals who have made a difference in  the Buffalo Community. Over the years, Sheila's businesses have raised over $250,000 for various Childrens' charities in Western New York.
2004  RECIPIENT OF THE YWCA LEADER LUNCHEON AWARD -"ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR"This award honors women who work or live in Western New York.It is given annually to women who have "new  ideas, bold vision, and a deep commitment to making a difference in the lives of others."

Sheila M. Samson-Powers                           

She saw her first aerobic dance workout on television over 30 years ago...it changed her life and the lives of thousands of others.Through her various fitness programs, Sheila Samson-Powers has taught more than 10,000 students and trained more than 400 fitness trainers her unique methods of choreographed exercise classes.

In the spring of 1980,this mother of four, used her background in dance, music and fitness to launch her own fitness program called, Sheila's Aerobic Jazz. It soon became Western New York's largest aerobic dance company. In 1998 she opened Sheila's Fitness 2000, where people of  all ages, shapes and sizes came in and exercised to her choreographed aerobic dance, step, and strength training routines. In the spring of 2004 she sold her business to a local health club and now she's back, offering classes in convenient locations throughout the Greater Buffalo area.  From Community Ed centers and church halls, to school gyms and dance studios, Sheila and her team of well trained and motivating certified trainers, teach Sheila's Aerobic Jazz, Muscle Flex, ZUMBA, Kidz FitnessJAM, Yoga and Pilates. It's the same great fitness programs, under the new name... Sheila's Fitness Jam.
Sheila has three daughters, one son, six granddaughters and six grandsons, who are all the joy of her life!

About Us

Mission Statement:  Sheila's Fitness Jam is committed to helping each client and student to become healthier through safe and effective fitness programs.  We will only endorse and represent healthy solutions to the issues that are of concern to your health and well being.  We follow the standards of the fitness industry as recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine and the International Dance Exercise Association and ACE.All trainers pledge to maintain professional conduct dealing with each client, customer, student and affiliate.Our dedication to continuing our education in the field of exercise science will assure your success as we assist you, our clients, to reach your fitness goals.Each member of our fitness team will individually and personally follow the same standards that we recommend to our clients.

History of the Company:Sheila's Fitness Jam, LLC was formerly Sheila's Aerobic Jazz, Inc. Since 1980 we have been bringing men, women, and children in Western New York, the most up to date fitness programs. Sheila's Aerobic Jazz was the original choreographed aerobic dance company in Western New York. In 1998 they opened Sheila's Fitness 2000, where people of all ages, shapes and sizes came in and exercised to these fun choreographed classes.A group strength training class called Muscle Flex, mat pilates and yoga, were added to the menu of classes as well as state of the art exercise equipment. In the spring of 2004 the businesses were sold to a local health club and now Sheila's classes are back,being offered in convenient locations throughout the Greater Buffalo area.From the beginning, people of every age,shape and size have been getting healthy, staying healthy, and reaching their fitness goals through their participation in these fun choreographed exercise classes. Our trainers and choreographer maintain nationally recognized certifications in the fitness industry. The branded fitness programs guarantee consistency throughout our network of locations, so that no matter where you participate in our classes, you are getting the same fun, safe and effective workout .We remain committed to  staying on the cutting edge of the most current research from the most respected leaders in the fitness industry,  which assures that you will always have the most safe and effective fitness programs around.